Foto Lowell

We began our work in Lowell, Massachusetts around 1977 as the City was transitioning from an aging textile manufacturing center to a more diverse economic base. Many of these photos here represent that landscape, some lost, some forever changed.

Historic Massachusetts Mills, Lowell, MA, 1980

Massachusetts Mills, 1980

Hamilton Canal, Lowell, MA 1983

Hamilton Canal, 1980

Boots Mills woodworkers, Lowell, MA 1988

Boots Mills Woodworking Shop, 1988

Boiler Men, Boiler Room, Market Mills, Lowell, MA 1983

Market Mills Boiler Room, 1983

Singer Sewing Machine, Appleton Mills, Lowell

Appleton Mills, 2007

Joan Fabrics Mill, Lowell, MA 1983

Joan Fabric Looms, 1983

Stitchers Wanted, Boott Mill 1988

Boots Mills, 1988

Lowell National Historical Park tour boat

Pawtucket Canal, 1984

Lawrence Mills Fire, Lowell, MA 1987

Lawrence Mills Fire, 1987

Shoe mold, Appleton Mills, Lowell, MA

Appleton Mills, 2007